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The Teej Festival

The Teej Festival

The celebration of Teej is one of the biggest celebrations to be praised in India. It is praised by the Hindu timetable amid the long stretch of Shravan. Teej is fundamentally celebrated in the north of India, being very prominent in states like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Punjab. The period amid which Teej is commended is said to connote the start of rainstorm, which happens directly after long and hot summers. Aside from meaning the start of storm, Teej is likewise celebrated out of appreciation for the gathering between Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Hitched ladies from all finished go to the Goddess Parvati for the prosperity and flourishing of their spouses. The celebration of Teej is an event for fasting, splashy mold, religious services and observances and in addition a great deal of singing and moving. A considerable measure of religious parades happen amid Teej. These parades are brilliant undertakings where individuals live it up among family and companions taking off with the happy soul.

Festivities in Different States

For the individuals who are very unacquainted with this celebration of Teej, you might need to keep perusing underneath where we feature precisely how the celebration is praised in the distinctive northern states.


Since Teej is essentially a Rajasthani celebration, most encompassing states, for example, Gujarat base their Teej festivities around the way in which Rajasthanis commend it. Customary move structures, for example, Dandiya and Garba are very prominent in the state. Outfits, for example, Ghagra cholis and Lehenga Cholis are normally worn at such occasions. Most ladies in this area make the utilization of brilliant dupattas outlined with noteworthy zari and gota weaving to decorate their outfits, regardless of whether they be sarees, lehenga cholis, ghagra cholis or anarkali suits. Gujarati ladies additionally wrap their lehengas and sarees diversely to ladies in different states, with the pallu in the front side.


The celebration of Teej is said to have begun in the territory of Rajasthan. Various fairs and parades are sorted out all finished, where ladies participate in an assortment of customary moves. Green is the most widely recognized shading utilized as a part of the happy Teej attire. The three-day festivities see the opening of a great deal of enormous alternative markets which offer a considerable measure of happy styles highlighting leheriya prints and in addition well known Teej gems, for example, kundan and meenakari adornments.


In Punjab, Teej is an exceptionally prevalent celebration that individuals enthusiastically anticipate and anticipate praising all year. An assortment of occasions, for example, moves, magnificence exhibitions, singing, drawing, mehendi and rangoli rivalries are sorted out in little town fetes. One of conventional society move shapes that are exceptionally prominent in these ranges is the Gidda, which is performed just in the customary outfit known as the Gidda. Much like the festivals in the territory of Rajasthan, Punjabi Teej festivities incorporate immense fly up business sectors that offer everything from sustenance, customary attire, Teej embellishments like bangles, hoops, pieces of jewelry and conventional footwear called jooties.


Bihari ladies consider their Teej form very important. Red is the staple shading that ladies should don amid this time. As embellishing has a major impact in their happy clothing, a great deal of ladies can be seen wearing their finest gold adornments amid these circumstances. Ladies quick all through this three day time frame and appeal to divinities for their spouses thriving and long lives.

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